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There are different reasons to own a sports team. It can be to fulfill a childhood passion as well as just a business investment. Whatever the reason is, owning a team is an enormous task. However, it can be a little easier if one is an athlete as well. Likewise, Tennis legend Serena Williams had a unique reason that motivated her to invest in an NWSL soccer team alongside Hollywood actress Natalie Portman.
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The motivation was none other than the USWNT. In 2020, Serena Williams talked about how she came to know about the USWNT and why she decided to invest in NWSL.
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In a conversation with the Hollywood actress and her partner in Angel City FC, Williams discussed how she came to be part of this project. The 23-time Grand Slam champ opened up about how her husband had a role to play in her knowledge about the booming popularity of women’s soccer.
Serena said, “… To be honest my husband told me first about it, he said that he was thinking about this…. the women’s soccer team… they’ve been dominant for… they won like four World Cups in a row.
Serena Williams' daughter, Olympia, is the youngest team owner in pro sports as a part-owner of NWSL expansion team Angel City
She's 2 👶 pic.twitter.com/WaPjW6YiDd
— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) July 21, 2020

However, Serena Williams made a little error as the team has four World Cups in total, although they were defending champions twice. Continuing the conversation, Natalie Portman said, “They are always like in the top few teams, and they have won multiple cups.
“I Get Chills Every Time” – ‘Godmother’ Natalie Portman Details How She Brought Together Investors Such as Serena Williams and Eva Longoria to Angel City FC
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Williams and Portman would hope that their new team attains success akin to the USWNT. However, it will take time as the team has just played just one season.
The LA-based team is partially owned by Serena Williams and Natalie Portman, along with big personalities like Casey Neistat, Jennifer Garner, and many others. The seeds for Angel City FC were planted a couple of years ago, and the players took to the field just this year. 
The new Angel City FC #NWSL team is a women's soccer team, majority owned by some badass females:
Natalie Portman
Julie Uhrman
Mia Hamm
Abby Wambach
Jennifer Garner
Eva Longoria
Serena Williams
(there are 14 former #USWNT players in the ownership group)
You just love to see it pic.twitter.com/ZQ0Ls7JTmG
— AJ McCord (@AJ_McCord) July 21, 2020

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After a mixed first season, they missed out on the playoffs and finished eighth in the standings. It was an encouraging start that the team would look to build on and progress in the subsequent seasons.
The star owners will be eager to see that as the team’s success will be beneficial for all parties and the NWSL in general.
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However, NWSL is in its expansion mode, and watching it grow is just beautiful. With big names like Megan Rapinoe and several others, it will be easier to market NWSL now. Besides, their achievements are leading to more people watching and generating more revenue.
What are your thoughts on NWSL and Angel City FC? Let us know below in the comments.
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