MITRE Honored for Technical Expertise and Workplace Excellence … – The MITRE Corporation

Industry and government recognized MITRE on several fronts in 2022—from our cyber capabilities to disability inclusion and our veterans hiring practices. 
These awards validate our progress toward parallel priorities: solving national and global challenges and fostering a culture of belonging. Both are essential to our success as a company committed to the public good. 
We’re proud to be recognized for our technical expertise and our workplace culture. For us, the awards are a starting point, not an end point. We’re motivated to do even better in 2023.
Kathleen Federico, MITRE senior vice president, chief people, brand, and communications officer, says the recognition signals that we’re developing the talent needed to scale our problem-solving capacity. 
“Tackling complex challenges takes every perspective,” Federico says. “That means all viewpoints and experiences deserve a voice at the table. 
“We ensure our people are as diverse as the work they lead—enabled by the deep expertise and systems thinking that demonstrates innovative solutions in the public interest. They’re addressing some of our nation’s biggest technical and strategic challenges.”
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