‘Lion hearts broken’ – what the Sunday papers say after England’s World Cup exit – The Guardian

There is little to soothe the pain on the front pages, with ample reminder of Harry Kane putting it over the crossbar to send his team home
Harry Kane’s penalty shot went over the crossbar and that was it for England’s World Cup hopes. Here is how the papers covered the World Cup quarter-final.
Tomorrow’s front page pic.twitter.com/bzNKrZE2Pl
“England 1 France 2 – Heartbreak for Harry” – the Observer’s take on the result. It was, the paper says, a “stinging end” to an “enthralling World Cup quarter-final”. There’s also room on the front for “We’ll suspend strikes if you talk about pay: health unions”.
On tomorrow's front page: Brave Three Lions out of the World Cup after hero skipper missed penalty pic.twitter.com/IG7N0PLLhM
“Harry’s pain” – that’s the Sun on Sunday, which reminds us that “hero skipper missed pen hell”.
Sunday's front page: Lion hearts broken #TomorrowsPapersToday https://t.co/b7jpl7NRlS pic.twitter.com/qqJnmWr9HR
The Mirror has “World Cup agony for England – Lion hearts broken”, again reminding us of captain Harry Kane’s woe.
Front Page – Christmas strikes cost £4 billion#TomorrowsPapersToday https://t.co/4sIktJzNNw pic.twitter.com/S7YPj7ih1N
“Au revoir, Qatar … England pay penalty in World Cup thriller with France” – that’s the Sunday Express, which also finds space for a pop at the unions over Christmas strikes.
Telegraph: Labour vows war on health unions – @wesstreeting #TomorrowsPapersToday pic.twitter.com/VB9Qvere5N
“England pay the penalty” – Gareth Southgate holds Harry Kane’s face in his hands on the front page of the Sunday Telegraph. Its news lead is “Labour vows war on health unions”.
Sunday Times: It’s all over for England. Again #TomorrowsPapersToday pic.twitter.com/WsMNEkggyy
“It’s all over for England. Again” – that’s the World Cup picture lead in the Sunday Times. Its news lead is “Brexit bill on ice amid hopes of new year deal with EU”.
Harry Kane and England are hailed as “Lionhearted until the end” on the front of the Mail on Sunday but most of the space is given over to more Sussex-bashing: “Harry and Meghan are told: stay away from coronation”.
À la Une du Journal du dimanche du 11 décembre :

➡ Veillées d’armes pour les retraites, François @bayrou livre ses réserves

➡ France-Maroc en demi-finale : cette Coupe du monde est folle ! #Qatar2022

➡ Notre enquête : quand les adolescents transgenres regrettent leur choix pic.twitter.com/vco7AK4ZNr
Meanwhile across the Channel, England are yesterday’s news, with the papers already looking ahead. “France-Morocco in the semi-finals: this World Cup is magical!” enthuses Le Journal du Dimanche.


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