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THREE motorbike mobsters killed a rival gang member who was wearing his crew's colours on their turf.
The trio smashed into the back of David Crawford's bike then dragged his body under their van for almost a mile before leaving him for dead at the side of the road.
The 59-year-old had been riding on the A38 in Plymouth, Devon, when he was spotted by three members of Bandidos Motorcycle Club, a court heard.
They were said to be blood-thirsty for revenge so "deliberately targeted" the grandad, a member of Red Chiefs which is affiliated with Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, prosecutors said.
Paul Cavin KC, for the CPS, told the jury it was considered "insulting" for a member of one club to ride in their rival's patch while wearing their badges and emblems.
It was later described as "bad form by a country mile".
Former British servicemen Benjamin Parry, 42, Thomas Pawley, 32, and 36-year-old Chad Brading were convicted of manslaughter after a three-week trial at Plymouth Crown Court.
Prosecutors argued that the three defendants had acted as a "joint enterprise" in carrying out the fatal attack at 8.40pm on May 12.
All three denied murder.
The court heard how the threesome had set out to confront their adversaries when they crossed paths at the Tamar Bridge.
Mr Crawford, of Ivybidge, Devon, was seen saying farewell to his pals before the "brutal" and "coordinated attack" was launched, the prosecution said.
Dashcam footage played to the jury showed Parry's Transit slamming into the back of the victim's Kawasaki motorcycle.
The video also showed a black Mercedes carrying the other two defendants beside it.
Mr Crawford was initially knocked onto the bonnet and then under the vehicle, before being dragged along the tarmac.
Eventually he became dislodged at a slip road further down the A38, where he was pronounced dead.
The court heard he had suffered a "horrific" number of injuries.
Mr Cavin said the three defendants had "worked together" through a series of calls and "signals" to hunt their victim down, which they denied.
He said none of them had the "decency to stop or call an ambulance".
In a police interview, Brading claimed "nobody set out to kill anybody" that night, and Sean Brunton KC, defending Parry, said his client hit Mr Crawford in "nothing other than a spur of the moment act".
His earlier manslaughter plea had been rejected by the prosecution.
A jury subsequently found Parry, Brading and Pawley guilty of manslaughter.
Mr Justice Garnham adjourned sentencing for all three men to January 12, 2023, at Exeter Crown Court.
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