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A MUM has slammed a Dreamland children’s event after she forked out £100 for it but said it was a rip-off.
Dreamland Imaginarium opened its doors just before Christmas in the Regent Retail Park, Salford, close to the border with Manchester.
According to the promotional material the event promises “a magical world that allows families the chance to explore their dreams by entering four colourful worlds.”
It is said to offer: “a plethora of multi-sensory activities, inspired by children’s dreams.”
However, some families who have taken their kids, with tickets previously costing £19 per person but have now been reduced, have complained, saying it is “nothing like the website suggests” and there was very little for youngsters to do.
Mum Lana spent around £100 taking her family for a day out, which included her 19-month-old daughter, two sons, aged seven and 10 and her five-year-old nephew.
She wrote in a Facebook post: “So took the kids to Dreamland Imaginarium in Manchester today and to say we were disappointed is an understatement.
“The lights n colours were nice but literally that was it… £100 it cost too!!
“It was supposed to be a sensory experience… Yet no smells…. No sounds, no different to what you’d get in a good playgym! One bouncy castle… One ball pit. A few UNDER MAINTENANCE things – you could literally walk round in 5mins.”
Lana said she had complained to the events company Fever, and was refunded £40 but added it was “unacceptable” and a “disgusting” way to treat families.
Jaime Heathcote also went to the event and took her daughter, who was free because she was under two, and said she was glad she didn’t pay for the two of them, adding the photos “make it look better than it was”.
Jaime said: "I was really glad that I got my daughter in for free.
"I was shocked at how little there was, and how much didn’t work. I was really disappointed."
Shirley Dittrich took her grandkids but has vowed never to take them to another Fever event.
The grandmother said: "I totally agree it was overpriced. So much so I made a complaint which is what I recommend everyone else to do.
"My two-year-old and four-year-old grandchildren were told to stop bouncing on the inflatable slide.
“I paid full price for my 13-year-old grandchild to come along too and she was told not to bounce on the trampoline, what else was she supposed to get out of the experience?
"It was by far the worst experience we have had at any event we have been to and there were items that did not work or were broken, never again will I take my grandchildren to a Fever event."
Another mum, from Salford, took her autistic son and said he struggled to cope with the various ‘rules’ that appeared to be in place and staff had no idea about how to support a family there with special needs.
She said: "I have logged a complaint and suggested they do research into hidden disabilities. Not to mention the place is pants.
"It was 'don’t touch this, don’t touch that, don’t throw the balls, don’t jump on the inflatable slide', it went on and on."
However, the event has also had some positive feedback from families.
One mum wrote on Facebook: “Nice trip to Dreamland Imaginarium with my biggest boy today before going back to school tomorrow, he loved it and was so good to spend some time with him on my own.”
Another person said: “Dreamland Imaginarium good for kids under 10… boys loved it.”
A third added: “Dreamland Imaginarium fun place to go!”
Dreamland Imaginarium opened on December 21 and runs until February 16.
Tickets have been reduced to £16 for children aged between two and 19, and £10 per adult.
A spokesperson for Fever said: "Unfortunately after the initial opening, we experienced a few technical issues within the experience, the majority of these have now been fixed and final fixtures will be taking place at the end of this week. We are working hard to increase our rating back to a 4.5/5 and apologise of any inconvenience caused.
"Fever have been dealing with all complaints individually and are continuing to make the necessary improvements on the feedback provided."
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