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A MUSICAL following the life of Prince Andrew aired via Channel 4 on Thursday, leaving Royal Family fans in shock.
The satirical show, titled Prince Andrew: The Musical, looked back on the life of the controversial duke leaving many royals fans baffled as to why it was produced in the first place.
Taking to social media, one tweeted: "I’m sorry but this @Channel4 musical about #PrinceAndrew is disgusting."
While another added: "Even as a joke/satire, come on. No one wants to see anything about him on TV."
And a third penned: "I hope everyone involved in that Prince Andrew musical on channel 4 is so mortified with themselves. Yes even the runners."
Read our Royal Family blog below for the latest news…
Lionesses captain Leah Williamson received an OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) in the 2023 New Year Honours list for services to football.
Williamson led the England team to glory in the 2022 Women’s European Championship.
She is one of four of the championship-winning team to be awarded honours.
Comedian, TV and radio personality Frank Skinner received an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) in the 2023 New Year Honours list for services to entertainment.
Skinner said: “Well, to be honest, I haven’t told anyone at all, even those closest to me, because I still thought there might be some sort of administrative error.
“But I think it’s brilliant. I deal mainly in laughs and applause and they disappear into the air quite quickly.
“So getting a proper medal that you can hold on to and polish regularly feels [it] has given my career a sense of permanence that I like.
“Getting anything, any kind of award is great, but this does feel special.
“When I was a kid, I remember the Beatles getting MBEs and to be in any group that includes the Beatles is good enough for me.”
Queen guitarist Brian May received a Knighthood for services to music and charity in the 2023 New Year Honours list.
Queen performed at the Queen’s platinum Jubilee concert last summer.
May said: “I’m happy and grateful to receive this honour.
“I will regard the knighthood not so much as a reward, but more as a charge – a commission – for me to continue to fight for justice – to be a voice for those who have no voice.
“I will endeavour to be worthy – to be that Knight in Shining Armour.”
Olympic heptathlon champion Denise Lewis has been made a Dame for services to sport in the 2023 New Year Honours list.
Denise said: “It’s an incredible honour. I’m trying to take it in and its enormity.
“I recognise I’m one of very few women in athletics that have received a damehood.
“I’m just so proud and incredibly beside myself.”
The first £2 coin with King Charles III‘s face will become available to buy very soon.
The coin makes part of a set that commemorates key moments and anniversaries in 2023.
The coins won’t be used to purchase items in stores with, but instead they are classed as legal tender.
Buyers can also get their hands on 50p, £2 and £5 coins which cover a range of themes such as the life and work of JRR Tolkien and King Charles’ 75th birthday.
The Royal Mint website confirmed that the sets will be available to buy from January 3, 2023.
Debbie Frank was Princess Diana‘s close friend and astrologer and is now taking a look at how Prince Harry‘s stars will align in 2023.
On Hello! Magazine, Ms Frank said that Harry is set for a rollercoaster of a year as he aims to become more independent from the royal family.
Ms Frank said: “Prince Harry’s stars are lining up in a rollercoaster formation for him through 2023. The rebel planet Uranus is sitting uncomfortably on the most personal angle of his chart and his Moon, signifying further upsets with family, surprise moves and severance with his old life.
“Harry’s personal world looks far from settled and stable and he’s prepared to make the final cut with his roots. His restlessness is hard to contain, triggering a desire to move home and to continually re-invent himself as independent from the royals.
“As much as he is the one triggering shock-waves he is also receiving a wake-up call from those around him. In this cosmic climate his life feels electrically charged and full of change.”
With King Charles aiming to create a slimmed-down monarchy, the royal family roles are expecting a lot of change that will affect the younger generation of The Firm.
This includes the youngest child of Prince William and Kate – Prince Louis – who might receive a title which held a significant connection to the late Queen.
Looking into the future of Prince Louis, when he one day marries, he might inherit the role of the Duke of York which is currently held by Prince Andrew.
While Prince Andrew is still alive, the title will belong to him.
The Duke of York title is given to the monarch’s second-eldest son, so when Prince William becomes King and if the title is vacant, Prince Louis will take hold of it.
The Royal Family said: "As we say goodbye to 2022, The King’s Piper plays ‘Auld Lang Syne’ at Buckingham Palace.
"Wishing all our followers a very happy and healthy 2023."
As we say goodbye to 2022, The King’s Piper plays ‘Auld Lang Syne’ at Buckingham Palace.

Wishing all our followers a very happy and healthy 2023.#HappyNewYear pic.twitter.com/SxX74g1OU5
Katie Nicholl also gave her verdict on whether members of the royal family are watching the Netflix docu-series.
She told ET: “So, my understanding is that the royals, certainly the King and the Queen Consort will not be watching the docuseries.
“It was business as usual, family first, and I don’t believe they will be watching it, no. I think there’s a sense of weariness and fatigue at hearing this story solely through the mouthpieces of Harry and Meghan and of course, William and Kate, the King and Queen Consort, they can’t really answer back, so, I think it’s just a case of, we’re not going to engage.
“Yes, they’re free to do this, if this is the path they choose to take, but we’ll only intervene if there is anything deeply damaging, and as we saw with Oprah, the palace really only intervened over that really damaging race allegation about the color of their unborn son’s skin.
“I think they just want to keep their distance from it. And by not watching it, I suppose, is a way of not engaging.”
The Royal Family issued no statement about the Netflix docu-series depicting Harry and Meghan’s life.
Royal expert Katie Nicholl spoke with ET about why the Palace would take such a decision and proceed with this strategy.
Nicholl said: “I’ve spoken to senior palace aides who said they are reluctant to comment unless there is anything damaging, untrue or defamatory. In this docuseries, they really don’t want to be drawn into it for the simple fact that they don’t want to give an already much-hyped docuseries even more oxygen or publicity.
“So, I think if they can ride this out without being drawn into it, then that’s probably the strategy. I’m told by a senior palace aide, it’s a case of keep calm and carry on, and let’s not get too distracted by this.”
Away from criticism about stepping away from the Royal Family, the Netflix docu-series received its own sort of judgement.
Harry and Meghan’s Global Press Secretary responded with a statement saying that the couple chose to tell about their story on their conditions and that the media created false narratives.
The statement said: “They are choosing to share their story, on their terms. The tabloid media has created an entirely untrue narrative that permeates press coverage and public opinion. The facts are right in front of them.”
Hinwick House, also known as Little Buckingham Palace, was constructed in the 18th century and is currently on sale for just the third time in 300 years.
The stunning home is a Grade I listed building.
It is also said to be haunted by the ghosts of murdered soldiers.
Find out more here.
Princess Anne topped the list of hardest-working royals again this year, attending the most engagements out of all the Firm’s senior members.
The late Queen’s daughter beat out her brothers as well as Prince William and Kate Middleton.
Now, royal commentator Neil Sean has hailed the experienced royal.
Speaking on his YouTube channel, he said: “She has always come out on top in recent years.
“She does her engagements with a lot of gusto, without fanfare or publicity. She is there simply for the charities that matter to her.”
Netflix announced that in the first week of its premiere, Harry and Meghan’s doc was viewed for 81.55 million hours.
This is the highest viewing hours recorded for any documentary title in its premiere week.
It appeared in the Top 10 across 85 countries and was number one in the United Kingdom.
After four days, 28 million households had already watched the first three episodes.
Last night, Channel 4 aired Prince Andrew: The Musical, a song-filled take on the life of the disgraced duke.
It’s safe to say the show was met with mixed reviews, with some praising its humour while others slammed the depiction of royals such as King Charles.
But what did you think?
Last night, Channel 4 aired Prince Andrew: The Musical, a song-filled take on the life of the disgraced duke.
It’s safe to say the show was met with mixed reviews, with some praising its humour while others slammed the depiction of royals such as King Charles.
But what did you think?
A royal commentator has praised Kate Middleton’s commitment to honouring Princess Diana’s beloved memory.
Royal author Katie Nicholl told OK! Magazine: “She has always made sure she honours Diana’s memory.
“Whether that was through pieces of jewellery that she’s worn or keeping memory boxes for the children, in order to keep the memory of the grandmother they never knew alive.
“But she never tried to emulate Diana. She found her own stride, her own role – and she’s been incredibly successful at doing that.”
The Grade II listed property – which belonged to artist to royalty Thomas Jones Barker – has hit the market for £8.3m.
The home boasts a history of having neighbours including actors Sir Derek Jacobi, Bob Hoskins, Jude Law and Sadie Frost.
The London property has been listed for the first time in 33 years.
It was designed by Scottish architect John McKean Brydon.
A description of the property reads: “This home provides a once in a generation opportunity to purchase an outstanding Grade II Listed period family house on an unusually large plot of a size rarely found so close to central London.”
Read more here
All of Queen Elizabeth II’s four children have titles.
The moment she passed away on September 8, 2022, her eldest son became King Charles III, the first Charles to sit on the throne since 1685.
Her other children are Princess AnnePrince Andrew, and Prince Edward.
Prince William is the oldest son of King Charles III and Princess Diana and the first in line to the throne.
As Prince George is the firstborn, he is in line to take the throne, after his father.
Royal expert Christopher Anderson claimed King Charles and Prince William's response to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's £88million Netflix docuseries is 'rage'.
When asked about his family's reaction to the tell-all doc, Anderson told Us Weekly: “Rage. I mean, look again, Harry talks about — almost matter-of-factly talks about — how his brother was shouting and screaming at him during this meeting.
"Terror and terrorising, I think was the phrase used.
"William has a tremendous temper. Charles has a tremendous temper.
"It’s just not gonna be a pretty sight there.”
Unsurprisingly, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle topped Ranker's poll of celebrities you're sick of In 2022.
Madonna, once again, didn't make the top 10, coming in at number 11.
So here's the top 10, as voted for by the public:
Historian David Starkey said King Charles is playing a ‘clever long game’ with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
Starkey told GB News: "I don't think they matter much, look at the opinion polls today.
"I mean, a near majority of people not only say they don't much like them, but they actually want them stripped of their titles.
“With every passing day, I think with every desperate attempt at taking a little molehill of grievance and trying to turn it into a vast, vast Himalayas of resentment, they become less relevant.
“What I think Charles is doing is actually playing a rather clever long game."
He added: “He's just letting events take their course, which I think is a very wise thing to do.”
King Charles sent his condolences to Pope Francis following the death of Pope Benedict.
Released on the Royal Family’s website, the message reads: “Your Holiness, I received the news of the death of your predecessor, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, with deep sadness.
“I remember with fondness my meeting with His Holiness during my visit to the Vatican in 2009.
“His visit to the UK in 2010 was important in strengthening the relations between the Holy See and the United Kingdom.
“I also recall his constant efforts to promote peace and goodwill to all people, and to strengthen the relationship between the global Anglican Communion and the Roman Catholic Church.
“My wife and I send you our continued good wishes for your own pontificate.”
The former Pope died this morning aged 95.
The King has sent a message of condolence to Pope Francis following the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI:
Ex-footballer and broadcaster Chris Kamara received an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) in the New Year Honour list 2023.
Kamara has been awarded for services to football, as well as his charity and anti-racism work.
Chris had to step down from the majority of his broadcasting jobs due to his health after being diagnosed with apraxia of speech and an underactive thyroid.
He turned 65 on Christmas day.
During the royal walkabout on Christmas Day in Sandringham, fans noticed Kate Middleton‘s stunning look, as always.
It’s been reported that the Princess of Wales made a last-minute outfit change after receiving a special Christmas gift from Prince William.
The future king gifted Kate ocean-blue Dina earrings from a French brand called Sezane.
The earrings are made from gold-plated recycled brass and natural stones and as soon as Kate stepped foot outside with the earrings, they went sold out on the website.
I’m a mum & I stopped wearing bras years ago – people say I need to cover up
I’m size 12-14 and went to get some trousers in M&S – it was a disaster
I went shopping at Next & uncovered a cheeky secret & it’s the same in Primark
Mrs Hinch fans check bathrooms as mum shares 'gross' part people forget about
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