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Deadline: December 31, 2022
Applications for the Student Energy Fellowship Programme 2023 are now open. The Student Energy Fellowship Programme is designed for young people interested in and passionate about the energy transition who can commit to developing a project idea with a team or individually over 8 months.
As a multidisciplinary programme, the Fellowship aims to help participants find their unique path towards accelerating the energy transition through the many possible career paths available today. They hope that Fellows will continue to use their skills, networks, and experiences from the programme to continue accelerating the energy transition beyond the Fellowship.
Graduation Criteria
To be eligible for graduation, every Fellow must commit to the following:
From March 2023 to October 2023 you will develop a project idea with help from your coach who will provide you with support during the planning process of your project. Your project does NOT need to be completed by the end of the Fellowship programme, it may continue or be implemented beyond October 2023. Your success in the programme is not dependent on the completion of a project prior to October 2023.
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For more information, visit Student Energy Fellowship.
Jude Ogar is an educator and youth development practitioner with years of experience working in the education and youth development space. He is passionate about the development of youth in Africa.


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