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Flat whites, cappuccinos or lattes, how do most Americans like their coffee?
“Baby, it’s cold outside,” but it’s only getting warmer inside because homeware and ceramics brand Denby ranked the most popular type of coffee in each U.S. state.
It’s no doubt Americans love their coffee. According to popular coffee brand Dunkin, the country even runs on it.
From 2019 to 2020, the U.S. consumed over 3.3 billion pounds of java, according to Statista. 
So Denby analyzed popular methods for serving and brewing coffee using Google Trends to gauge regional search interest between 2017 and 2022.
“The U.S. is a nation of coffee lovers, and we’re all particular about how we take it, whether it’s strong and black or sweet and milky,” Christine Skalko, Digital Marketing Manager at Denby USA, said.
In Illinois, iced coffee was the most popular variety of the drink and using a coffee pod was the top way to make it, according to the report.
The results were the same for the rest of the country, with iced coffee being the favorite drink and coffee pods being the preferred brewing method in most states — 28 states and 40 states respectively.
Cold brew, coffee brewed slowly in cold water rather than hot, was the second most popular type of coffee, favored by eight states, the data said. Decaf came in third place with seven states.
As for method of brewing, filter coffee ranked second in the country with four states followed by French press with three states.
Denby also found Hawaii to be the most coffee-obsessed state, not unlikely because it’s also one of the only coffee-growing states in the country.


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