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Laura Hamilton was visibly upset at crushing the dreams of the couple’s dream to move to Spain
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A Place in the Sun’s Laura Hamilton was left in tears when she was forced to tell a couple there was a big problem with their dream house. The drama unfolded on the show last night (Jan 4) when couple Doc and Lucia had fallen in love with a property in Alora, in Andalucia, Spain.
The couple were looking to spend about £110,000 on a home with at least two bedrooms and had a dream of spending their retirement there. The loving pair have been together for 30 years and on the house in question there was an offer going for the one they loved – and Laura had told them they needed to move fast.
The pair were blown away by the first property which was fully furnished, with Lucia branding the balcony area “peaceful” and “beautiful”. They had seen other properties but had decided they were a bit too dark, not homely enough and just didn’t think it looked the part.
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However by the time they got to the fifth house they really knew what they wanted. The final property was priced at £111,000 and included a rooftop swimming pool and five bedrooms which the couple adored. The following day, Doc and Lucia met up with Laura and revealed they preferred the fifth property as it had a larger outdoor space, and they wanted to put in an offer.
However, Laura tearfully admitted: “Now I’ve got something I need to tell you which is a really, really, awful thing for me to have to do. I’ve never ever, in my 10 years of being part of this show, had to do this.”
She revealed the owner of the home had given authority for a family member to take an offer from someone else the previous afternoon, and they had put a holding deposit down. “I am just so sorry, I am so sorry, God it’s awful and I’ve been sitting here wondering how I break this to you because it’s just awful. But things happen for a reason,” she emotionally added.
However, by complete luck, the offer fell through a few weeks later. Doc and Lucia then put in an offer which was accepted – so there was a happy ending after all!
A Place In The Sun continues on weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.
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