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As Gloucestershire vies to become the UK’s cyber capital, SoGlos reveals 40 cyber and tech businesses leading the county’s growing reputation in the industry.
Harrison Clark Rickerbys is an award-winning top 70 law firm with offices in England and Wales. HCR’s corporate team is ranked as most active deal maker in the UK, (according to Experian), and last year they advised on deals worth more than £1bn to clients. The firm’s passion for people extends to its private client offering, supporting clients with the moments that matter from protecting their assets to planning for their family’s future. Growth led by demand has seen the firm relocate several of its offices into prime city-centre locations.
SoGlos and Harrison Clark Rickerbys have teamed up to shine a light on the companies forging the foundations of the fast-growing cyber sector in Gloucestershire. 
From homegrown tech start-ups to multinational organisations drawn to the county by its growing reputation, we have featured 40 of the cyber and tech firms helping to make Gloucestershire the UK’s cyber capital. Special thanks to CyNam, Hub8 and Infosec People.
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This Cheltenham-headquartered firm based in Eagle Tower describes itself as ‘countering global money laundering, terrorism, and criminal network’. In September 2020 it raised nearly £30 million of funding after doubling in size through the pandemic. It is one of the many clever, county firms whose roots can be traced back to GCHQ. 

Salus Cyber is a certified provider of world-class cybersecurity services. It helps clients identify and manage their cyber risks proactively and effectively and is the cybersecurity partner of choice for industry-leading organisations throughout the UK and Europe. Based at Eagle Tower, Cheltenham.
The University of Gloucestershire is an integral part of the county’s cyber community. It was the first institution in the country to offer cyber security degree apprenticeships. It has undergraduate and postgraduate programmes helping to develop specialists in this field and the region’s leading Cyber Security and Digital Innovation Centre; C11, at Berkeley.
Rebellion Defence builds mission-focused AI (artificial intelligence) products for the defence and security of the United States of America, the United Kingdom and their allies. Headquartered in Washington, USA, it also has a Gloucestershire footprint. It brings together ‘groundbreaking AI talent’ that has built the world’s most successful consumer and national security technologies.
Infrastar is a specialist computer networking and infrastructure company whose expertise lies ‘in assisting organisations in securing the IT hardware and solutions they require to operate at optimum efficiency’. From assessing current network environments to the full-scale network design and implementation. It is based in Quedgeley, Gloucester.
Optimising IT provides a range of services from cybersecurity improvement to complete outsourced IT department services, for organistions who need help managing their IT or require consultancy about changes – such as mergers or acquisitions. Based at Twigworth Court Business Centre in Gloucester.
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One of the London-based firms that has also chosen to build a footprint in Gloucestershire. It describes itself as a team of creatives, technologists and subject matter experts on a mission to change organisation cultures by changing the way people grow. It is all about training using technology creatively.
By its own admission Meterian ‘loves how technology enables people’. Headquartered in London but with a footprint in Gloucestershire, the firm builds tools that make it possible for developers to create a workflow that perfectly matches their goals, preferences and situation. It creates software that fits the way you work and lets you shape the way you will work in the future.
A Canadian start-up with a team in Canada, the USA and the UK (with a footprint in Gloucestershire). Its founders have worked for the likes of Deloitte, Ernst & Young, McKinsey, and the National Cybersecurity Centre. It believes the solution to fend off cyber attacks is a comprehensive SaaS (software as a service) platform. 

Egress (formerly Aquilai) uses ‘contextual machine learning’ to secure and protect data shared by email. Its products help to protect against data breaches, empower users and reduce friction and administration overheads. Based in London, Boston, USA and with a footprint in Gloucestershire.
Bamboo Technology works to improve other businesses through its extensive IT and telecommunications expertise and it ‘designs and delivers digitally assured solutions for the hybrid workforce.’ Its headquarters are at Gloucestershire College’s Cheltenham campus. In October 2022 it walked away with two wins at the SoGlos Gloucestershire Business Awards 2022.
North Green Security is a UK-based cyber security training and consultancy company. Its aim is to provide a more secure future by ensuring more people at all levels of learning can contribute to an ever growing and evolving industry and that companies can benefit from strategic assessments conducted by knowledgeable consultants. Based in Eagle Tower, Cheltenham.
Enclave provides software that allows businesses to easily connect servers, home workers, laptops and apps with automatic end-to-end encryption to create a secure network through its Zero Trust Network Overlay. Headquartered in Wales, the firm also works with Cheltenham-based Hub8 and the GCHQ-inspired National Cyber Security Centre for Startups.
Berta Pappenheim founded CyberFish in 2018 ‘to build organisational resilience in a way that is sustainable’, focusing on the psychology of a team so it becomes self-improving and never goes out of date a few updates later. CyberFish works with mission-critical departments in governments, law enforcement and global organisations. Based at Gloucestershire’s Hub8.

Amiosec specialises in the design and development of secure solutions for government and commercial organisations. The Tewkesbury-based business provides a range of next generation advanced mobile and remote access solutions that provide secure mobile communications across public networks. Its products ‘are simple to configure, easy to use’.
Cyntegra is on a mission to eliminate ransomware disruption and end catastrophic disruption to business and society. Its patented solution guarantees operational continuity – no more disruption to processes, production or patients through ransomware and malware attacks and no loss of business or customer data. In the process of relocating to Cheltenham from London.

The Tewkesbury-based business describes itself as a team of open-source intelligence, data processing and automation experts from across the intelligence, law enforcement and investigation industries. Its vision – to revolutionise the automation of targeted data collection and analysis, allowing organisations to make ‘smarter decisions’. Won a Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2022.
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At last count Nimble Elearning’s cloud-based elearning platform was home to 16,000 off-the-shelf courses being enjoyed by 450,000 users. Its intuitive tools have also helped clients create thousands more courses too. In short, the Stonehouse firm is enabling a revolution UK-wide in the delivery of effective, affordable, dynamic online training.
Another London-based cyber specialist with an eye firmly on opportunity in Gloucestershire. With its techniques and tech Validato can identify how well your business is protecting itself against cyber threats, if it is able to deter attacks and fix any issues as they arise. Cyber Essentials certified and able to back up everything its says with data.

CyberSmart’s mission is to help protect even small businesses from cyber hacks through its collection of data security tools. Headquarters in London with a footprint in Gloucestershire’s cyber community. It has worked with clients including Lorca, Starling Bank, Google for Startups and Cylon. It was selected as part of GCHQ Cyber Accelerator programme.
Founded by Gloucestershire-based Chris Dunning-Walton this specialist cyber security and technology recruitment firm continues to grow, as a business and in influence. Staff numbers grew six to 17 in 2021 as it worked to serve the needs of the fast-growing sector. Dunning-Walton is a key member of Gloucestershire-based cyber networking and support group CyNam.
Savient says its mission is ‘to find and deliver solutions using software technology, so your business can work faster and more efficiently, while meeting emerging opportunities’, adding ‘we work closely with you applying our creative, intuitive and adaptive thinking to deliver technology that works the way your business thinks’. Headquartered on The Promenade, Cheltenham.
If you want a simple to understand, but sophisticated solution to your business’s cyber security concerns, Cheltenham’s ReformIT is capturing a growing market of firms from all sectors looking to put their IT in the hands of a business which can manage all its software, hardware, updates, cyber-attacks, and even training – all under one roof.
P3M Works has experience working with the public sector to enhance future supply chain security, and also, private organisations to deploy project management expertise to achieve cloud storage and compute aspirations, and a series of firms to provide project management and cyber security training. Based at Cheltenham’s home of private sector cyber, Hub8.
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Blacksmiths is a team of human, digital and physical security specialists who will develop your business’s capability to tackle security challenges and defend against complex threats. The Cheltenham firm provides consultancy and develops technologies to solve problems. Its teams are highly experienced technical and security experts with skills acquired in UK government and industry.
According to the Cheltenham firm it is ‘your trusted partner in delivering mission critical service solutions’, providing professional delivery management, development and support, systems engineering, information assurance, cloud solutions, cyber security, lifecycle management services, software solutions, project management and systems engineering.

Gemba Advantage describes itself as ‘making high-impact software that is secure, scalable and sustainable’. In short, software that makes a difference to businesses. Its partners include the government and the National Crime Agency. Its team can build and maintain high quality software, help your business make the most of their technology investment. Based on Jessop Avenue in Cheltenham.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, and now with a base in Cheltenham. Co-founders Jay Kaplan and Mark Kuhr launched their careers with the NSA and US Department of Defense as technical security experts. The firm offers ‘comprehensive penetration testing with actionable results’, as well as ‘continuous security scaled by the world’s most skilled ethical hackers and AI technology’. 
Bitweave specialises in secure software engineering, data science, and analysis for the cyber security industry. It helps organisations and businesses use their data to optimise their cyber security operations and protect themselves from cyber threats.
Founded in 2020 by Robert Diamond, Craig Morgan and Craig Stocks who bring years of experience working within the cyber security, defence and IT sectors. Cheltenham-based, Hamiltonian Dynamics provides ‘high performance, big impact mission critical software’, and does so for multiple government departments, as well as being a design and development consultancy.

This Cheltenham-based firm has operated primarily in the defence sector for the past five years and continues to grow. It’s worked across multiple major projects delivering software solutions in ‘challenging and demanding environments’ and has proven expertise in a wide array of technical specialisms. It works with businesses to transform their applications and enhance performance.

Established in 2013, Cyber Security Associates (CSA) provides cyber consultancy and cyber managed services which help to detect, protect and educate against the ever-changing cyber threat. It has built a team from Government (ex-military) and commercially experienced specialists all holding current and relevant cyber certifications. Today its core services are based around a 24/7 security operations centre (SOC) in Gloucester.
This Cheltenham firm is dedicated to assisting organisations to adopt cloud services and technologies securely, whilst understanding the continued challenges of a complex hybrid environment. It will work as your trusted partner and part of your team to deliver success. Its aim is ‘to meet all of our customer’s needs with a focus on service quality and delivery for on-premises, hybrid or full cloud environments’.
Immersive Labs is a leader in ‘people-centric cyber resilience’ and is a trusted partner of many of the world’s largest organisations and governments. In short, its understanding of cyber security allows it to train people to make your business or organisation more resilient. This includes providing hands-on cybersecurity training and realistic simulations to evaluate individual and team capabilities and decision-making against the latest threats. Offices in Boston in the USA, Germany and Bristol and a footprint in Gloucestershire.
CoreTech is a niche cyber security company whose people are motivated by the desire to deliver exceptional capabilities coupled with a real sense of mission. Its world-class team is highly experienced, deeply technical, and blend vulnerability research, research engineering and software development skills. Cheltenham-based.
North Green Security is a UK-based cyber security training and consultancy company. Its aim is to provide a more secure future by ensuring more people can contribute to an ever growing and evolving industry and that companies can benefit from strategic assessments conducted by knowledgeable consultants. Based at Gloucestershire’s home of private sector cyber, Hub8.
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Started and run by engineers from the UK intelligence and defence communities, and headquartered in Cheltenham, RedMaple is a technical consultancy and product company. Founded to help organisations of all sizes protect themselves from cyber security threats it is solve technical problems with best-practice security, and security problems with technical solutions. Based in Cheltenham’s Eagle Tower.
Another resident of Gloucestershire’s home of private sector cyber, Hub8, this time at its Princess Elizabeth Way Gloucestershire College campus workspace, Indeloy specialises in helping customers find the right IT solution for their needs. It can source a wide variety of products and provide services such as hardware disposal, software erasure, licence management and others.
Headquartered in New York with a Gloucestershire presence, Cylera is pioneering IoT (Internet of things) security and intelligence to protect what matters most – people, safety, privacy, and business continuity. It delivers richer data, stronger security and faster reaction times in order to safeguard what matters most: people, data and privacy.
Trust Stamp was co-founded in 2015 by Gareth Genner and Andrew Gowasack. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and Cheltenham, with offices in Warsaw, Poland too. Its secure identity solutions are trusted by leading financial institutions and organisations of all sizes across areas of regulatory compliance, government initiatives, real estate, communications, and humanitarian services. 
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